AUDIO Post Production

Premiums sound services for your project

EKOSOUND Studios offers you complete packages crafted to your needs, and your projects, we accompany your project from the reading of the script opting for what is best for your movie, those primary discussions, thinking of the sound from the beginning are so important .

We introduce you to the best talents, chosen from their experience and affinity to work on your project. Ekosound is also great to welcome your usual talents and collaborators in our studios and work alongside them.

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Note that our facility is also in the process of joining the TPN Program because we truly believe that you creators needs to be 100% sure that the place you choose for creating your soundtrack is totally secure.

ADR – Post Synchro

Check out our references for our most recent projects.

We offer one of the most complete ADR services in Central Paris, most of the other ADR facilities are in the Paris area, but not central.

15 minutes walk from Opera, 10 minutes from Gare du Nord (Bruxelles, Germany, London). The actors will be more than happy to be close to their home or their hotel, even Alain Ducasse installed his new restaurant in our street.

We could take care of everything, from ordering the specific mic setup used on your set, to booking the car to bring the talent to our doorstep.

We’d be happy to find solutions to any special requests.
ADR cues/streamers with EdiLoad/EdiCue/EdiPrompt, Rythmo band with Mozaic and Source Connect are available.

Webcam and connection with the dialog coach is also easy for us.

ADR supervision is available if needed to.

Files are sent to the ADR editor within few minutes after the end of the session.

Sound Design & Sound Editing

Ekosound proximity to some of the best sound editing rooms in Paris make the setup very easy, it can be almost across the street like in London Soho.

As for the sound designers and sound editors, we work with many very talented people across the years and can advise the ones that would be excellent and appropriate for your project.


Ekosound works with highly skilled foley artists, their talent is breathtaking and of course we will pick the right foley studio to get the best of this artist.


Film & TV Mix

In Atmos, 7.1 , 5.1
From Temp mix, premixes predubbbing to Final Mix, at Ekosound you get the best conditions for mixing your Movies and TV shows.

Music Mix in Dolby Atmos Music

With Apple,  Spotify and Tidal announcing the coming of Dolby Atmos Music to their platforms, Ekosound has a setup to welcome you for the mix of your album and titles in Dolby Atmos Music


At Ekosound, we always love mixing documentaries, we love how you tell stories in it.
Comptemporary Video, special formats for exhibitions
We’ve mixed movies that went to Palais de Tokyo, Beaubourg, Musee d’Orsay, we can even finalize the mix in the exhibition site itself with our mobile mixing setup

Audio Fiction, Drama, Poscasts

We do mix Dramas, it’s great because it’s about acting, sound performance, timing. Talents can be recorded at Ekosound in our ADR stage and is suitable to record even 3 characters at the same time if needed.